Tuesday, 10 April 2012

David Hockney At The Royal Academy

By Leluu
A friend called from Zurich and said, The David Hockney exhibition at The Royal Academy Of Arts ends this Monday 9th April. I am on my way, can I invite you to come with me?

The suggested waiting time to buy a ticket was 3- 4 hours so we booked to have Afternoon Tea at the restaurant which comes with a ticket. Not a bad idea for queue swerving!

Hockney was approached by The Academy to create and exhibit a new series of paintings a few years ago for 2011 but he said, with what he had in mind, he could only do it for 2012 because he needed four springs and summers to paint what he had to paint.

Despite the huge crowds at the show, the experience of seeing David Hockney's new works was spectacular. Hockney's impressionistic style, the masses of his prolific works displayed next to one another and the enormous scale of some paintings was a sensory journey of the seasons. So beautiful,
even his paintings made with an App on the iPad, printed out onto large canvas (5ish feet).

I was naughty and caught some pictures with my phone at the show here:

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