Thursday, 10 November 2011

Love & Other Afflictions: First Kiss

By Leluu
The Look Of Love - (Upcoming Art Exhibition By Leluu & Fatine)
That moment, the moment at the end of the night when its time to go home… comes the moment of awkwardness. Is he going to kiss me? Is he not going to kiss me? Where will he kiss me? How shall I behave? Is my breath smelling ok?

The worst is when you are not so into the person and they are really keen. He is having full helm of the situation despite you giving him all the No- please-don't-touch-me signals. He goes for it and most of the times when you least expect it like whilst crossing the road or whilst you are in the middle of giving him the cold shoulder with some speech about how busy you are and your heads crash into each other or his teeth bangs onto your lips or he simply ends up licking your face. Yuck! Sometimes you don't know whether to kiss him back to be polite or deck him. (Depends on how dry your season is I guess).

Sometimes, he doesn't try to kiss you at all and you think? What the hell? I am never brave enough to kiss him. So I just let it be. If he doesn't get in contact, then its because he didn't want to kiss you in the first place. No point rushing it and making a jack arse of yourself. Plenty of fish…in the…(wait! even fish is getting limited)!

But when you fancy the guy and he asks if he can kiss you or kisses you at the right moment, when you are ready and its brilliant. Its just brilliant! More brilliant if his eyes are closed, he caresses your hair and holds your face and kisses slowly and nicely - (not like he's trying to dig his way down to Australia)!

And he goes home and you go home. Both smiling. And you can smell him on your face. Hmmm. : ) Knowing there will be a second date.

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  1. Lovely piece - and those first kisses are so memorable too. You always know then and there whether things are going to work out or not. It's all chemistry, innit?